Sunday, 15 April 2018

Scatter Terrain

This week I got a few pieces of scatter terrain painted. Two of them are more pieces of Warlord Games' resin Warehouse Set 1.  One is a set of Plastruct O Scale trusses cut up and glued together in a pile; another is simply a pile of wooden beams made from 1/4 square balsa wood.

The Warehouse set is very nice. The sculpting and casting are very good. There is a little bit of resin flash in the recesses and the twine is lost in a couple of places but still very nice once painted.

I really like the Plastuct (and Evergreen too) products. O scale is listed as 1/48  on their website so a little over-sized for 28mm figures. However, in cases like this where it is just scatter terrain it isn't that noticable. Had I slightly smaller trusses I would have chosen them over these. As they got left behind and have suffered through a couple of rainy seasons, the rust has set right in.

The lumber was dead simple: cut 1/4 balsa; scribe grain with sculpting tool; glue together; prime and paint. 

I still have two more pieces coming in the post; once on they are on the table it may be crowded enough  and there will be no need for more shrubs.


  1. Definitely some cover for the airfield that works well also in town.

  2. They look great & I agree with Murdock above, well done :)