Sunday, 29 July 2018

A Game of Pulp Alley

I managed to squeeze a game in with Murdock and his son this afternoon, christening the abandoned airstrip table. An outdoor game on Murdock's deck, Dangerous Delivery the scenario:

 In this scenario, the Deathwatch lead by Mandalore are trying to get to the archaic, human flying machine to escape with a rare automaton. Here they are, having recently bailed out of the stolen police cruiser:
This will be a tough task as both the Yellow Peril...
...and Radium Inc...

...have teamed up to stop them.

Opening moves see the defenders push up aggressively ; Radium Inc flanks left, the Yellow Peril right:
The main plot point  has tumbled from an over-turned truck, apparently something of such value to a Renowned Professor that should it be lost, his family's honour would be stained for centuries:

Lin attempts to resolve a plot point stashed behind the quonset hut and fails, but Mao succeeds. Feng rushes over to take control:
The Deathwatch advance is cautious and they find them selves a bit hemmed in:

In fact it isn't  long before the setting sun reveals that time has run out for the Deathwatch, and they will have to find another way off this island:

 I don't recall the exact scenario details, but I believe the Attacker had to exit the table with more plot points than the Defneder controls after 6 turns. In any event,  I think  a bit of a challenge for the league trying to get to the plane. The only real strategy for the Attackers is to bust straight toward the main plot point, maybe a minor one as well, and then up the table; not a lot of time to dilly dally.


  1. Wonderful looking set up & great to see it in use :)

  2. Airstrip was awesome and I believe it will see action many more times to come!

  3. Fantastic! How neat that you were able to play outside :)