Sunday, 8 April 2018

Not so much progress this past week however the runway itself is painted. Really, this should have been done before I textured and flocked the rest of the table but oh well- I got carried away. Although I am happy enough with the end result, I am not entirely satisfied. The pavement is not 'warm' enough to my liking and the cracks in it are not quite realistic enough; something about the pattern I didn't quite get right.

I used a sculpting tool to scribe the edges and the cracks and a stiff plastic brush to add faint lines to the foam surface:

After a base coat of light grey primer, I sponged on some Americana Shale Green and some Mississippi Mud, followed by a wash of black and then a light grey dry brush.

To finish off I added some 10mm Heki Autumn grass along the edges (as well as more shrubs) and poking through in a few spots in the concrete.

 A model's eye view:
A few more items to be added. I am going to go through my collection of odds and sods and see if there is anything I can use for some scatter terrain: old barrels, pieces of scrap steel, lumber that sort of thing. I also have another structure in the post from Sarissa Precision and resin pick-up from Warlord that will get turned into a derelict vehicle. A few 60mm bases with taller shrubs/small tress might also find their way onto this table.


  1. I've said it many a time we're our own biggest critics, I'm looking at the runway & thinking it looks fab but your not entirely happy with it.

  2. Thank you FrankI. I am still happy with the result but I think I could improve on it if I were to do it again.