Monday, 23 April 2018

An ol' pick-up truck

Last week I received two packages in the post: one from Warlord and one from Sarissa: WG's resin Flying Standard 10' Tilly  and SP's Henderson Field Hangar.

I painted up the Tilly first. I was a little suprised at how small it is when I picked it out of the box. It is only 7.5cm long, 3.6 cm tall and 3.2cm wide. I am sure Warlord 's measurements are accurate for 28mm miniatures; it is easy to forget that the common vehicles of the 20's, 30's and 40's were quite small- nothing like the full size pick-up trucks we see from  Dodge, Ford or GM today.

As this vehicle is left exposed to the elements, possibly abandoned,  I painted it as such. I forgot that it was a resin kit when I ordered it so my plans to have a door open and the tarpaulin box cover ripped and shredded in spots were - like this pick-up- abandoned.

This past weekend I got started assembling the field hangar.
The posts and support beams are glued and primed and the truss support beams are glued and the trusses them selves are ready for primer:
The card pieces at the top of the previous photo are the roof sections. I am not sure what the roofing of the actual hangar is. The best pictures I could find are below but the first gives no clue to the type of roofing.
The following picture is of a collapsed field hangar on the same island; it shows the roofing in big sheets but it is hard to tell what it is made of:

A couple of other pictures from the underside show that the trusses are obviously (to me anyway...) steel. I have some corrugated siding from Plastruct that I think I will glue onto the card- I think it would improve the roofing provided.


  1. Sheets of tin perhaps? I imagine plywood wasn't really a thing at the time.

  2. Nice work on the pick up,it's a pity you can find out about the hanger roof but at the time frame you going for corrugated sheeting would be a safe bet.

  3. Thank you both.

    I think you are right Frank. I have some siding that would be a reasonable facsimile.

  4. I had a very enjoyable coffee break today, poodling through your blog and admiring all the impressive work. Excellent stuff and thanks for sharing your mad skillz. BTW, if you could ship this airstrip table to the prairies it would be greatly appreciated - I have a 'DEA vs Cartel Airstrip' scenario for which it would be just perfect. Just sayin'. :)

  5. Thank you Curt C- it is a great compliment coming from someone whose work I admire. If I am ever travelling out that way I will let you know-i could probably fit it in a bike box.:)