Monday, 30 April 2018

Airstrip Complete

The last major piece for this table is done, the Sarissa Precision Airfield Hangar. The kit as a whole is very nice: the trusses look good; the laminated beams and posts go together dead simple and also look good. The weak spot is the card roofing. MDF can be a lot of things but detail like corrugated sheeting is a bit of stretch. Not a problem for me though as whenever I visit a hobby store I always look to see what they have by way of Evergreen and Plastruct styrene products. As a result I happened to have some Plastruct corrugated roofing on hand, purchased some years ago. The picture below shows the original card roofing, followed by my Plastruct solution.

I could have used more 1.5mm x 3.2mm strip for batten but I was all out and the local hobby store has slim pickins' when it comes to styrene supplies.

As my impression of the original hangar was that the trusses where steel I went with that. Painted a faded light blue I then went a little nuts with the rust...

The corrugated roofing was basecoated/primered light grey and then some discolouration was added with Golden's  High Flow Acrylic Titanium Buff and a Ceramacoat Rain grey thinned with a combination of Golden Glaze Medium and Flow Enhancer. Then, of course, more rust; stippled Ceramacoat Burnt Umber   followed by some Burnt Sienna thinned with Flow Enhancer and painted in streaks:

As this is the last major piece to be added to this table it seems the right time for some family photos (who knows when we all be together again like this?):

So... on to the next project...


  1. Great job the finished table looks great, all it needs now is a game or two played out on it :)

  2. That looks absolutely amazing!

  3. Thank you very much guys.

    Yes, you are right Frank- hopefully Murdock and I can arrange something down the road.

  4. Absolutely brilliant! I really like your corrugated roof solution and the heavy rust/corrosion really sets it all off.