Sunday, 25 March 2018

Start on a third Pulp Alley table

The next feature I have for the airstrip is a Novus Design Studio fuel tank. The tank itself is cast from resin and for the most part was perfect; just a couple of small air bubbles that I chose to ignore as they weren't conspicuous. I sprayed grey primer then a white over coat. The ends and cap were painted with Scale 75 Irati Green (just because I wanted to try it). Weathering was done with a combination of Golden High Flow Acylic Burnt Umber, Raw Sienna, Neutral Grey and Americana Charcoal and Umber thinned with Golden Glaze Medium and water. I went a bit nuts collecting grass tufts and as I have quite a bit of Gamers Grass Beige and Burnt tufts I used a bunch of them instead of static grass.

Here is a photo of the basic layout so far. The plan is to have a fairly open table; perhaps one other building and lots of scrub brush. I will also add some discarded fuel cans and a few empty boxes or crates


  1. Lovely paint job, is it a research station kind of table your going for ?

    1. Sorry brain a bit slow this morning you said at the start its an airstrip :)

  2. At this rate you'll have enough tables to run your own convention by next year.

  3. Thank you Frank.

    Yes daveb, I may have gotten carried away....