Sunday, 3 December 2017

With a deadline of Dec 30th for this table I have to keep picking away at it after work and attempt significant progress over the weekends. I have laid down the foundation for the board: 2.5 cm insulation over 1 cm plywood. The original idea was to have a set of train tracks  running from one edge to the other however David had the excellent idea of making it so we could have either a canal or a set of rails. With that in mind I have cut out a section approximately 20 cm in from one board edge; on the removed section of foam I will glue down the tracks and on the plywood I will paint water.

I have also glued all the buildings together. They are assembled in sections: each floor has two walls glued to it and the remaining two walls are glued to each other but remain unglued to the rest. The reason for this is ease of priming and painting. Once the buildings are done each floor remain unglued to the next so that models can be placed inside. The bridge is an Italeri plastic bridge, purchased through Warlord Games. I bought it a while ago but never had a reason to assemble it until now. Great little kit and perfect for this table. Not all the buildings that will be on the table are actually present. I have the Ramshackle Barn from Rendra on the way and I may also pick up a warehouse; I am going for a "the other side of the tracks" look on the slim side of the canal.

 As luck would have it, the weather over the next two days doesn't call for rain and will be warm enough (just barely...) to get a base coat sprayed on the buildings and bridge.

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