Sunday, 26 November 2017

David and his boys gave the table a run through this past weekend. There were 4 leagues on the table, three of them created by 2 of Davids sons and a friend of theirs. Consequently we ended up with Daleks, Imperial Stormtroopers and Bob Murch cultists searching for Dr. Who and his tardis.  As I got there late just a couple of  pics.

Here some of the Cuiltists have a hard time subdueing two of Dr. Who's associates:
...and the hapless Daleks (not very good in a fist fight it turns out) seem to continually be drawing the ire of the locals:
On Sunday I got started on table number 2: "American Town". I keep calling it Chicago and David calls it San Francisco. Perhaps we should settle on Springfield...

The bulk of the buildings are from Sarissa Precision's City Block Deal (with some renedra Plastic fences):
 Construction is underway. These are very nice MDF kits; fit is tight and sometimes requires a bit sanding and filing which is fine by me; I prefer that to having the walls wobble around when you are assembling them.

I am not completely certain on the layout yet. I am leaning towards a rail line bisecting the table with a right and wrong side of the tracks. There will be a small  field with a run down barn in it in one corner as this is the edge of town. I may also get one of Sarrissa's larger buildings to use as a warehouse or small industrial facility. Then it is on to street furniture.

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