Monday, 11 December 2017

The Sarissa buildings are all assembled; priming, painting and detailing are underway. Most of the buildings have some interior walls and the floors are plain (ie. un-textured).  I decided to scribe a wooden floor into some balsa wood and glue that in place. I wallpapered some of the interior walls using patterned paper that my daughter bought at Michael's. I am not sure of the brand but it comes in a large pad.

After scribing that floor I realised I was going to have to do it 14 more times(!?!) so I made use of some Plastruct O scale siding I had laying around. After scribing lines it so that it resembled wood flooring I made a mould of it...
 ... and started casting:
Here is the first one painted... 
.... and dropped into place:
The finish is a little yellower that I would  like; the next one will have more orange tones.

The inside and outside of one building completely done. I will do the bases on all the buildings once I have settled on how I am going to do the table surface itself.

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  1. Cripes, those scribed floor molds are brilliant. Wonderful stuff.