Monday, 2 December 2019

South Seas Village House

Another Sarissa Precision kit here, the Low Planked-Style Village Hut.
I bought this kit for my jungle table (see here), which actually got some use last night but I forgot my camera.
 I wanted to experiment with some material I bought at Michaels, though the tag has come off the bag and I can't find it on the web store so I cant tell you what it is called... naturally.
It's like dried broad leaf grass. I thought it might make good roofing material like a tiki hut has; made from broad leaf plants as opposed to grass thatch.
I am a bit ambivalent about the results. It comes in long lengths probably about a metre all rolled up,  and doesn't glue down very easily. Not only that it is a little coarse for this scale.
In the end it turned out OK but not quite as good as I had hoped. I also discovered a new basing technique that I really like but I kind of screwed up the colour. As you can see it is rather orange, not yellow like the sand of the beach or dark brown like the jungle floor.
I might add a little brown and/or straw coloured turf or static grass to tone down the orange some what but that will wait until we roll this table out again. 

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  1. It looks very good, but I feel your pain on the gluing front & i used something similar on huts I did along time back.