Monday, 18 December 2017

My goal for this table on the 30th is to have the interior walls finished of the buildings, the exterior walls primed and all parts of the table surfaced primed (no exposed foam, wood or plastic). So far progress is good: the exteriors of the buildings have all been primed and half of the buildings have the interior decorating done. For the majority of them the floors will have to wait until January but it is a simple matter of painting and dropping them in. I have most of them cast- I think I just need two more.

The table is another matter though- aside from the foam glued in place there has been no progress. My plan is to finish the interiors between now and Christmas Eve and then focus on the table between Christmas day and Dec 30th. Afterwards I can continue at a less stressful pace as Trumpeter's Salute is not until March.

These pictures give you an idea of what the interiors will look like. This building has a shop in the bottom floor and apartments above.

Some will have a half wall of paper like the building above, others full wallpaper, some will have all paint.

For the corner store I decided on a tile floor. My prefernce would have been for some Plastruct or Evergreen square tile sheet but the local hobby store was out. So I settled for cutting some squares out of patterned drawer liner; it reminded me of VC tile you see in schools and hospitals.

The second floor (probably where the owner lives) is done in a similar fashion to the other buildings.

The buildings at their various stages of work:
Many of the buildings have exterior stairs or awnings; these will have to wait until January. I also have my eye on some lamp posts and manhole covers. David has been busy collecting vehicles so the streets will not look completely deserted.

Earlier in the week I received this package from Warlord Games:
The barn will go on "the other side of the tracks" and the village house will be for the jungle table if I have time.