Monday, 20 November 2017

Jungle Forest Bases Done

Tress are done. Truth be told, quite a few have been done for a while. I started playing around with aquarium plants and what not in about June. I just put the last touches on them this past weekend. The trees are Pegasus Hobbies Palm trees style A. The various jungle plants are from a wide variety. Some of them are trimmed down aquarium plants bought off ebay; some are from the artificial plant section of Michael's  and quite a bit is clump foliage and lichen from the local hobby store.

I added some static grass (Silifor 4mm Autumn green followed by 6mm Heki Autumn grass- it is quite blonde). The tufts are from leadbear- they are 4mm and similar in colour to Gamers' Grass Autumn tufts- and Gamers Grass 12mm bright green and light green tufts.

 Then I piled all the trees on. I wanted it to look like an impenetrable jungle but still be able to move figures around so I used 4Ground terrain bases completely loaded them with shrubbery. There may be too much jungle on the table to make it playable but we can always pull some off- better that then wishing we had more.

I have made a start on the bridge; I may have to make two. I might make a couple of small pieces for plot points: I am thinking a stone idol and a shrine of the ancestors - some mossy skulls on a slab of stone.

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  1. That table is a real work of art, the pictures on the post above are a no show btw