Monday, 13 November 2017

The table is very nearly done. I have added forest floor debris and plants along the creek and the cliff edges. The forest floor debris is a mix of fir bark (the kind you buy at a garden store for orchids) chopped up in a coffee grinder; mixed with some Woodland Scenics coarse turf, medium and light green; and  some cut up Ashland Raffia. The plants are a mix of Woodland Scenics lichen, Woodland Scenics Clump foliage (medium and light green); Gamers Grass 10mm tufts and various plastic aquarium plants cut down to 2-3mm. The vines are Ashland green Moss.

 I have to add some static grass flock and lastly I will pour the resin for the creek. Next up, however, the jungle trees. I have a number made already but more to get through this week.

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