Saturday, 4 November 2017

Progress has been made. A layer of plaster cloth (in this case, shop towels soaked in plaster) on the flat surfaces with the rock faces covered with Sculptamold' grey paint mix.

That was followed by layer of glue and sand; followed by another layer of thinned glue and finally a coat of house paint tinted to match Ceramcoat's Desert Sand.  Any cliff face or rocks not covered by the Sculptamold/paint mix was given a coat of house paint tinted to Cermacoat's Medium Grey. The creek at the base of the waterfall was painted very dark green and blended into the desert sand. I may continue that on further but I plan on covering the water areas with green-tinted clear resin and I don't want the creek too dark. Both the sand areas and the cliff face will get a series of dry-brushed paint and washes to add depth and colour.

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