Monday, 29 January 2018

Bridge and Barn Painted

The Italeri/Warlord Games bridge is done. Although not really appropriate for the table it is the only bridge I have and, more importantly, is the correct span. As the table represents a portion of town on the border between rural and urban, a bridge that is a little less decorative would be better. However, perusing the internet for something that would do is yielding unsatisfactory results; in most instances the span is wrong. Bridges for wargames tend to be a bit short and bridges for model railways are generally long and narrow. If- and this seems unlikely- I have time, I may make a simpler one from scratch.

I have also completed the base for Renedra's Ramshackle Barn. The fencing is their 5 rail plastic fence and the tree is Woodland Scenics. The flocking is mostly Silifor 4mm summer grass, War World 6mm autumn grass and some Heki XL 10mm herbst. Bits and bobs of Woodland Scenics clump foliage and flocked wire shrubs are dotted here and there.