Monday, 18 November 2019

A Picket Fence

Two weeks out from our next game of Pulp Alley and I am finished what I hoped to get done.

We had a hedge to line the canal but I thought some fencing would be nice for the railway track. I did some sniffing around online and although the MDF offerings were inexpensive they lacked the detail I was looking for. I settled on Rubicon Models plastic Picket Fence Set 1 (it also comes with a couple of street signs which I don't have a use for yet).

It come with 4 sprues with 4 sections of fence,  a gate and a sign post on each . I would only need two of these sprues for my 3' by 3' Pulp board. 
You could easy just prime and drybrush these as they have very nice but subtle wood grain texture , but I wanted a white washed fence that looked like it was in need of a touch up. I thought it would look nice on a green backdrop. 

 But really it's for the urban table:
 In Pulp Alley I imagine a single success on finesse or might to leap the fence otherwise go through the gate.

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  1. They turned out very well, also would agree with your in game use for them' as if you make them perilous area then someone maybe having to get 3 success's to just hop over a little fence is ott